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Legionella Awareness & Responsible Person Training

Course Content

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This course is a full 1 day course.

The course objectives are to ensure that delegates have a good basic understanding of;

  • What the bacteria is
  • How infections are caused
  • How the bacteria proliferates
  • How the bacteria is transmitted
  • To understand what you need to do and actions required to control the risks from ‘Legionella’ bacteria
  • To understand where in built-in water systems problems through design and temperature control can occur and, the actions you need to take to control the hazard and fulfil your key responsibility
  • To ultimately ensure that you comply with HSG274 Part 2 and that the water systems within your building(s) are safe and present no risks

No exam is taken by candidates however, each candidate will be required to demonstrate in their own words how what they have learnt relates to their understanding of the course and those risks associated with hot and cold domestic water systems.

A certificate of attendance is awarded to each candidate on the day.

The course covers the following areas;

This course is run on an on-demand basis.  It can be held at one of our training venues, suitable local venues or client sites.

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E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Introduction by course presenter and each candidate
  • Safety & Welfare (fire exits and toilets)
  • The background history of Legionella bacteria and the reasons for its name
  • Types of illness and facts /statistics
  • Historical facts and figures-Outbreaks
  • Susceptibility groups and types of illness
  • The ‘Causal Chain’ (A brief guide to the risk)
  • The Approved Code of Practice L8 Fourth Addition ACoP L8
  • Management methods and monitoring
  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water systems and their designs
  • Pasteurization of hot water
  • Different methods of domestic water heating
  • Different designs of water heater
  • Cold Water Storage Tanks
  • Issues with design-CWSTs
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)
  • Showers and HSG274 Part 2
  • Dead-legs and Dead-ends-The differences and their part in stagnation
  • Infrequently used outlets and flushing
  • HSG274 Part 2 Guidance
  • Trouble shooting with water systems
  • Schematics

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